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Human Resources Solutions (HRO)

Needing Employees Fast?

On-site services Our regular employees perform tasks based on terms and conditions of the specific contract at the client’s offices and in accordance with the client’s policies and standard procedures after the required training conducted by the client. F&A also conducts necessary training for these on-site staff on top of the client’s required trainings. On-site services range from engineering, finance and administrative functions.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Aiming to minimize administrative, finance and accounting functions?

With F & A Hub’s BPO services, interested businesses may outsource their routine back-end processing (e.g. supplier invoices, sales invoice, OR, reconciliations, etc.), analysis, company vehicle registration and inventory taking in compliance with client’s policies, standard procedures and regulations using either client’s or F&A technology. These processes will be performed in F&A Hub office.

Project Management and Consultancy Services

Needing project managers/coordinators and advisories for your major initiatives?

F & A Hub likewise offers Project Management and Consultancy services of client’s major finance initiatives in process improvements, analysis (e.g. cleaning accounts or clearing backlogs in accounts reconciliation), business process or system migration, business process evaluation, process/operation measurement, business process documentation. F & A Hub’s senior management are assigned to lead/coordinate these services in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract.

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